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Actor / Voice Actor 

JK Robbins UnComm.jpg

The name is J.K. Robbins.

I'm the nice guy next door. The sarcastic friend behind the bar. The wise-cracking detective, and the brooding anti-hero. The comical weirdo, as well as the straight man with impeccable timing.

My voice has been described as helpful, relatable, clever and conversational - articulate, energetic and trustworthy. It can also bend towards the comical, with accents spanning the country.


I act. I write.

Occasionally I'll get the wild hair to direct and produce.

I also make perfume, but that's another story.

I'm a father to one human and three cats.

Theatrical & Commercial Representation:

Southeast - McCray Agency

Midwest - Heyman Talent

VO Represenation: 

Chicago, IL - Lily's Talent Agency

Austin, TX - The Atherton Group


Studio Specs:

-4'x6' acoustically treated recording space 

-Sennheiser MKH 416 & ADK Thor condenser microphones

-UA Apollo Twin interface

-Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO headphones

-JBL Pro LSR 308 monitors

-Mogami cables

-Adobe Audition, REAPER, TwistedWave

-SourceConnect Standard 3.9


Talk to me


Tel: (678) 995-3707


  • JK IG
  • JK TW
  • J.K.'s Hot Take
  • JK FB
  • Clist

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