Actor / Voice Actor 


The name is Jonathan Kent Robbins.

Feel free to call me "J.K."

I'm the nice guy next door. The smirking best friend behind the counter at the bar. The no-nonsense detective, and the dark, brooding anti-hero. The slap-sticky weirdo, as well as the straight man with impeccable timing.

My voice has been described as helpful, relatable, clever and conversational - articulate, energetic and trustworthy. It can also bend towards the comical, with accents spanning the country.


I act. I write.

I eat spicy things, and I play with cats.

Theatrical & Commercial Representation:

Southeast - McCray Agency

Midwest - Heyman Talent

VO Represenation: 

Chicago, IL - Lily's Talent Agency

Austin, TX - The Atherton Group


Studio Specs:

-7'x7' acoustically treated recording space 

-Sennheiser MKH 416 & ADK Thor condenser microphones

-UA Apollo Twin interface

-Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO headphones

-JBL Pro LSR 308 monitors

-Mogami cables

-Adobe Audition, REAPER, TwistedWave

-SourceConnect Standard 3.9


Talk to me 


Tel: (678) 995-3707

E: jk@jkrobbins.com

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